12 gifts we can give others on social media all year round

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Here are 12 gifts we can give others on social media all year round.

1. Highlight someone else’s achievement, milestone, or success.

2. Recommend books, podcasts, or resources that have enriched your life.

3. Respond respectfully and graciously to criticism and when people express views different from yours.

4. Pause before posting something (or commenting on a post), and consider what impact this post or comment will have on others, and whether it’ll contribute something worthwhile.

5. Seek out and listen to voices that offer views and opinions that are different from yours.

6. Choose not to pigeon-hole or caricature people or movements.

7. We all get angry or offended at times on social media; choose not to post or respond out of those emotions.

8. Don’t intentionally antagonise or provoke.

9. Use social media to thank people and express gratitude.

10. Offer ideas and insights that you’re currently exploring – enjoy respectful and even vigorous discussion when it arises, and practice restraint, grace, forgiveness, and humility when people disagree.

11. Get behind a movement or group seeking to bring peace, justice, truth, and reconciliation in the world, and support them through your efforts off social media and your words on social media.

12. Take regular social media breaks, so that you can return to social media refreshed and energised to use the technology to enrich your life and the lives of others.

These are just some gifts we can offer others on social media – I’m sure there are many more.


Rev. Dr. Graham Joseph Hill, Ph.D.

Graham Joseph Hill (PhD, Flinders University) is Principal and Assoc. Professor at Stirling College (University of Divinity), which is a national Australian Bible and theological college. He is the Founding Director of The Global Church Project. He has planted and pastored churches and been in theological education for twenty years. Graham is the author or editor of 11 books including Global Church, Healing Our Broken Humanity (with Grace Ji-Sun Kim), Holding Up Half the Sky, Hide This in Your Heart (with Michael Frost), and Salt, Light and a City. Graham writes at grahamjosephhill.com

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