#32: Samuel Chetti – Developing Healthy, Multiethnic Churches & Denominations – Podcast

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Samuel Chetti – Developing Healthy, Multiethnic Churches & Denominations

by The GlobalChurch Project | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast Episode 32

Samuel Chetti & Graham Hill discuss developing healthy, effective, growing, multiethnic churches and denominations. The GlobalChurch Project, podcast episode 32.

Samuel Chetti was the first Asian-American Regional Executive Minister of the American Baptist Churches in the United States. In this he was forging new ground, paving the way for future generations of diaspora leadership in North America.

Samuel Chetti is Executive Minister in one of the most diverse regions of North American Baptist life today. Over 120 countries are represented every Sunday in these churches, with preaching and worship services conducted in over 48 languages. Over 65% of the congregations are immigrant congregations. Traditional Anglo churches are quickly becoming multi-ethnic, with 30% of the congregations he leads embracing multi-ethnicity. Samuel Chetti is passionate about the new humanity in Christ, expressed through ethnic and racial and linguistic diversity.

Graham Hill is the Founder and Director of The GlobalChurch Project, and Vice Principal of Morling Theological College, Sydney, Australia.

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