#33: Soong-Chan Rah – Freeing Church from Western Cultural Captivity – Podcast

Sep 20, 2016 | Podcast | 0 comments

Soong-Chan Rah – Freeing Church from Western Cultural Captivity

by The GlobalChurch Project | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast Episode 33

Soong-Chan Rah & Graham Hill discuss the next evangelicalism, releasing the church to cultural diversity, & freeing the church from western cultural captivity. The GlobalChurch Project, podcast episode 33.

Soong-Chan Rah served as the founding pastor of a multi-ethnic, urban ministry-focused church, committed to living out the values of racial reconciliation and social justice in the urban context. Today, Soong-Chan Rah teaches and writes about church planting, church growth, leadership, and evangelism.

Soong-Chan Rah shows how evangelicalism has long been held captive by its predominantly white cultural identity and history. He calls the North American church to escape its captivity to Western cultural trappings and to embrace a diverse and multiethnic future. Spiritual renewal is happening within the North American church, from corners and margins not always noticed by those in the centre.

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