#35: Amy Williams – A Hope Dealer: Urban Youth Ministry Today – Podcast

Oct 8, 2016 | Podcast | 0 comments

Amy Williams – A Hope Dealer: Urban Youth Ministry Today

by The GlobalChurch Project | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast Episode 35

Amy Williams is passionate about ministering to teens involved in gangs, about helping youth on probation and parole, and about serving those lost in the juvenile justice system. Life-on-life mentoring is her key ministry strategy among youth. The GlobalChurch Project, Podcast Episode 35.

As a certified Gang Intervention Specialist, she heard God’s call to move into a Latino gang neighbourhood in Chicago’s Humboldt Park community to be a “Hope Dealer”, doing street outreach to young men involved in gangs or affected by gang culture. Working in the toughest neighbourhoods in the United States, Amy Williams helps gang members—and young people lost in the juvenile justice system—find hope through Jesus Christ.

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