#37: Johannes Reimer – From Red Army to Leading a Global Missions Movement – Podcast

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Johannes Reimer - From Red Army to Leading a Global Missions Movement

by The GlobalChurch Project | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast Episode 37

Johannes Reimer and Graham Hill discuss Reimer’s story, and lessons for the church on mission today. They discuss Reimer’s conversion to Christianity while he served in the Red Army, and the persecution and difficulties he faced as a believer in that setting. They also discuss what Christians in the East can teach Christians in the West about faith, passion, and mission.

Johannes Reimer was born in 1955 in the former Soviet Union and during service in the Red Army he became a believer.  In 1976, he moved to Germany with his family. Johannes studied theology in Wiedenest, Hamburg (Germany) and Fresno (USA), and became a pastor in 1985. In 1986, he founded the missions organization LOGOS International with a focus on Eastern Europe.  In 1995, he gained his Doctor of Theology and was called to be Professor of Missiology in 1997 at the UNISA (South Africa). Johannes has a big heart for church planting and reformation. He is involved as counsellor and international speaker and has written more than 20 books and a variety of articles. He chairs The Network for Education and Research in Europe (GBFE). Johannes is on the Micah Global Panel of Reference.

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