#45: Peter Kuzmic – Embracing Peacemaking and Reconciliation – Podcast

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Peter Kuzmic – Embracing Peacemaking and Reconciliation

by The GlobalChurch Project | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast Episode 45

Peter Kuzmic and Graham Hill discuss “Embracing Peacemaking and Reconciliation.” The GlobalChurch Project podcast episode 45.

A native of Slovenia and a citizen of Croatia in former Yugoslavia, Dr. Kuzmic is the foremost evangelical scholar in Eastern Europe and an internationally recognized authority on a Christian response to Marxism and Christian ministry in post-Communist contexts. He divides his time between teaching and missionary roles in the Balkans. He is the founding president of the Evandeoski Teoloski Fakultet in Zagreb/Osijek, Croatia, the first evangelical theological college in Eastern Europe with an accredited graduate program. Together with Phillip Hogan and Dr. Yongi Cho, he helped found the World Assemblies of God Fellowship and its humanitarian arm, the WAGRA, and he serves on their executive committees.

An award-winning writer, Dr. Kuzmic has authored eight books and hundreds of articles, as well as contributed to numerous compendiums, handbooks and encyclopedias. He and his wife, Vlasta, divide their time between their home in Massachusetts and in the Balkans.

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