#65: Joel Edwards – Rehabilitating “Evangelical” and Pursuing Spiritual and Social Transformation – Podcast

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Joel Edwards – Rehabilitating “Evangelical” and Pursuing Spiritual and Social Transformation

by The GlobalChurch Project | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast Episode 65

Joel Edwards and Graham Hill discuss what it means to rehabilitate Evangelicalism and pursue spiritual and social transformation. The GlobalChurch Project, podcast episode #65.

Joel Edwards is the Strategic Adviser for Christian Solidarity Worldwide. In that role, he explores the relationship between the persecuted Church, freedom of religion or belief, and wider human rights. In addition to his extensive professional experience spanning over a decade as General Director of the Evangelical Alliance UK and in leadership at Micah Challenge International, Joel Edwards has served on a number of government bodies. These include as a Commissioner on the Equality & Human Rights Commission UK, on the Advisory Board on Human Rights and Religious Freedom with the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and the Metropolitan Police’s Independent Advisory Group (IAG).

He is also freelance broadcaster with the BBC, a published author and international speaker on a wide range of areas including current affairs, religious freedom, biblical teaching, issues of justice and leadership, and a faith-based response to human rights.

This podcast (and its associated video) was made possible through the generous sponsorship of Ian Packer.

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