#66: Perry Shaw – Transforming Theological Education – Podcast

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Perry Shaw – Transforming Theological Education

by The GlobalChurch Project | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast Episode 66

Perry Shaw and Graham Hill discuss transforming theological education. The GlobalChurch Project, podcast episode 66.

Perry and his family have been serving in the Middle East since 1990. During the 1990s, Perry was involved in helping in the establishment of extension centres in Syria for the Program for Theological Education by Extension. He then taught at the Near East School of Theology (Beirut) during the early years of the millennium, joining the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) Faculty in 2007.

In addition to being a Faculty member at ABTS, Perry is a curriculum and faculty development consultant to regional schools and ministries throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, and is active in the missional theological education movement within the International Council for Evangelical Theological Education (ICETE). Perry’s passion is to help ABTS and other theological schools to develop and implement multidimensional purpose-driven curricula that promote the development of missional leadership. Perry serves on the Peer Review Committee of the Christian Education Journal, the MTh/EdD/PhD in Education Programmes Committee for the Asia Graduate School of Theology (AGST Alliance), and the Theological Education Programme Board for the London School of Theology.

Perry has published the following educational texts: Transforming Theological Education (Carlisle: Langham), The Art of Teaching (Amman: PTEE; translated to Arabic, Farsi, and Urdu), and The Acts of the Apostles (Amman: PTEE; translated to Arabic). He has also published numerous articles in the fields of Christian Education and Leadership Studies.

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