#72: Jayakumar Christian – Following the God of the Empty-Handed – Podcast

Aug 8, 2017Podcast0 comments

Jayakumar Christian – Following the God of the Empty-Handed

by The GlobalChurch Project | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast Episode 72

Jayakumar Christian and Graham Hill discuss “Following the God of the Empty-Handed.” The GlobalChurch Project podcast episode 72.

Jayakumar Christian is an internationally recognised leader in Christian faith and development. The former National Director of World Vision India, he is currently serving World Vision International as their leader for Faith & Development.

Jayakumar Christian has authored numerous articles and books on poverty issues, community transformation, and the kingdom of God. His book “God of the Empty-Handed” has received wide acclaim. Jayakumar lives in Chennai, India, with his family.

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