#126: Xiaoli Yang – Chinese poetry, Christian faith: Intercultural conversations – Podcast

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Xiaoli Yang – Chinese poetry, Christian faith: Intercultural conversations

by Graham Hill | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast - Episode 126

Xiaoli Yang and Graham Hill talk about Chinese poetry and Christian faith, and how to nurture intercultural conversations. The Global Church Project podcast episode #126.

Xiaoli Yang has done extensive research into Chinese culture and poetry. Chinese poetry gives us a window into Chinese views of identity, freedom and communal belonging. It opens us conversations between Chinese cultural themes and other ways of seeing the world. Xiaoli explores how ancient Chinese poetry resonates with Chinese people today, and also with Christian themes. She explores why intercultural conversations are important, and why we need to develop skills in respectful and vibrant intercultural conversations.

Xiaoli Yang has written a book called “A Dialogue between Haizi’s Poetry and the Gospel of Luke : Chinese Homecoming and the Relationship with Jesus Christ.” In A Dialogue between Haizi’s Poetry and the Gospel of Luke, Xiaoli Yang offers a conversation between the Chinese soul-searching found in Haizi’s (1964-1989) poetry and the gospel of Jesus Christ through Luke’s testimony. It creates a unique contextual poetic lens that appreciates a generation of the Chinese homecoming journey through Haizi’s poetry, and explores its relationship with Jesus Christ. As the dialogical journey, it names four stages of homecoming-roots, vision, journey and arrival. By taking an interdisciplinary approach-literary study, inter-cultural dialogue and comparative theology, Xiaoli Yang convincingly demonstrates that the common language between the poet Haizi and the Lukan Jesus provides a crucial and rich source of data for an ongoing table conversation between culture and faith.

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