The 9 Transforming Practices Accountability Form

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This accountability form will help you keep each other accountable as you seek to apply these nine practices. Our discipleship is enhanced when we are a part of a small group or community of believers who offer us nurture, support, friendship, and accountability.

Keep a copy of this form handy (in your Bible, your bag, your journal, or somewhere else close by).

Once a week, pull this form out and write some answers to the questions on the form.

Once a month, ask everyone in your group to pull their forms out, and then discuss each of the nine practices. Hold each other accountable for the commitments you make. Ask each question of yourself, and also ask them together (e.g. “How am I reimagining the church, and how are we reimagining the church together?”) This group accountability will help you to continue to grow and change.

Click here for a downloadable PDF version of the accountability form: The Nine Transforming Practices Accountability Form

Graham Hill

Graham Hill (PhD) is the Provost of Morling College in Sydney, Australia, and the Founding Director of The GlobalChurch Project – He’s the author of “GlobalChurch: Reshaping Our Conversations, Renewing Our Mission, Revitalizing Our Churches” (IVP, 2016), and “Salt, Light, and a City, Second Edition: Ecclesiology for the Global Missional Community: Volume 1, Western Voices (Cascade, 2017).”

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