#04: Ash Barker – Serving Jesus Among the Urban Poor – Podcast

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#04: Ash Barker - Serving Jesus Among the Urban Poor

by The GlobalChurch Project | The GlobalChurch Project- Podcast Episode 04

Ash Barker & Graham Hill discuss serving Jesus among the urban poor. The GlobalChurch Project, podcast episode 4.

From 2002 to 2013, Ash Barker with wife Anji and their children lived in Klong Toey, the largest slum in Bangkok. The Barkers shared life there, developing poverty alleviation initiatives, local leaders, and churches to transform the neighbourhood through Jesus.

Until October 2013, Ash Barker was the founding director of Urban Neighbours Of Hope (UNOH), which the Barkers started in Springvale (Melbourne, Australia) in 1993. UNOH now has eight teams of Christian workers loving God and neighbours in some of the neediest urban neighbourhoods in Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland and Bangkok.

After decades of leading and founding UNOH, the Barkers stepped out of UNOH and Klong Toey to move to Birmingham, UK, in November 2014. The Barkers are again immersed in the life of an urban poor neighbourhood – this time a Birmingham public housing estate – to seek transformation through Jesus there.

An inspiring speaker and lecturer, Ash Barker is also the author of eight books including ‘Make Poverty Personal’, ‘Slum Life Rising’ and ‘Risky Compassion.’ He completed his PhD addressing a Christian response to the rise of urban slums (MCD University of Divinity).

After 25 years of urban mission in Melbourne and Bangkok, Ash Barker with wife Anji and son Aiden are now immersed in the life of Winson Green, Birmingham, UK. Ash was the founding director of Urban Neighbours of Hope (unoh.org, 1993-2013), Surrender Conferences (surrender.org, 2003-2009), and is the current director of Micah Global’s International Society for Urban Mission (newurbanworld.org, 2012-current).

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