#154: Albert Baliesima Kadukima – Responding to humanitarian crises in the Democratic Republic of Congo – Podcast

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Albert Baliesima Kadukima – Responding to humanitarian crises in the Democratic Republic of Congo

by Graham Joseph Hill | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast - Episode 154

Albert Baliesima Kadukima and Graham Joseph Hill discuss “Responding to humanitarian crises in the Democratic Republic of Congo.” The Global Church Project episode #154. 

Albert Balisema is director of the NGO ESADER in the Democratic Republic of Congo. ESADER provides support to war related orphans and vulnerable children in the Congo, and also vocational training for youth. Working in coalition with churches and other organisations, Albert Balisema is involved in providing emergency relief for those in crisis from the war in the DRC, conducting advocacy to raise awareness and support for the people of DRC, including presentations to the UN Human Rights Council, and building capacity for the church networks and local church leaders so that they can work toward peace, reconciliation, healing, and building society.

The unifying strategy for the coalition involving ESADER, World Relief, the World Evangelical Alliance, and Micah Global is working with local churches as the agent through which culture change, peace and reconciliation, long-term recovery and development have the greatest hope. The conviction is that churches engage in their communities not as extensions of NGOs, but as agents of God’s mission to the world, acting as churches committed to demonstrating mercy, justice and humility.

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