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I am passionate about mission and evangelism. Leadership and church life. Theology and philosophy. Faith and spirituality. Discipleship. Education. Beach and ocean. My wife and 3 daughters. And much, much more.

Join me as I deep dive into critical thinking around global perspectives on mission and theology. Must the Western church continue to pursue Eurocentric models of mission to be effective? Or can we learn from diverse, multi-ethnic voices? (Hint: The answer is yes)

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Top 10 Podcast Episodes of 2016

The GlobalChurch Project podcast mainly features interviews with Christian leaders from Indigenous, African-American, diaspora, and  Majority World communities and cultures (including Christian leaders from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Oceania, the...

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I pray you make more mistakes this year

My prayer and hope is that you make more mistakes this coming year. I hope you try something difficult or impossible this year, and, as is usually the case when we truly reach for such things, that you make and learn from mistakes along the way. The start of the year...

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GlobalChurch nominated for IVP Readers’ Choice Award!

Hi friends, I've received news that my new book, GlobalChurch, is a finalist for a Readers’ Choice Award! Thanks to all who voted in the first round and got it to this final stage Would you consider taking 10 seconds now and voting for the book to win the award?...

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