#108: Joshua Bogunjoko – Joining with God in Local and Global Mission – Podcast

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Joshua Bogunjoko – Joining with God in Local and Global Mission – Podcast

by Graham Hill | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast - Episode 108

Joshua Bogunjoko and Graham Hill discuss what it means to join with God in local and global mission. The Global Church Project podcast episode #108.

Joshua Bogunjoko has served as Serving in Mission International Director since June 2013. Joshua and his wife Joanna grew up in families of mixed religious expressions. While Joshua grew up in a family that mixed Christianity with animism, Joanna was born to a Muslim father and a nominal Christian mother, but grew up with her grandmother who was a nominal Christian.

Joshua began his mission career with the Evangelical Missionary Society, which today sends more than 2400 Nigerians cross-culturally. After serving in mission hospitals in West Africa, they then moved into international leadership of Serving in Mission. Joshua is Serving in Mission’s first non-western international leader.

At Joshua’s induction into the role, Gideon Para-Mallam, who is the IFES Regional Secretary, said: “Just about 120 years after three pioneer SIM missionaries set foot on African soil, God has chosen a Nigerian to be the first non-Western International Director to lead Serving in Mission. This is to be highly commended for its bold statement of the future direction of the global mission movement.”

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