#129: John Bond – Apostolic Ministry: Multiplying and Releasing the Next Generation of Leaders – Podcast

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John Bond – Apostolic Ministry: Multiplying and Releasing the Next Generation of Leaders

by Graham Hill | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast - Episode 129

John Bond and Graham Hill discuss the nature of apostolic ministry, and especially its focus on multiplying, equipping, and releasing the next generation of leaders. They talk about launching church planting teams and movements, multiplying leaders, succession planning and passing on the baton, and leaving a legacy beyond your own ministry and life. The Global Church Project podcast episode #129.

John Bond has almost 50 years of ministry experience, in local church pastoral ministry and as an itinerant leader. His passion is doing the work of an Evangelist, and focuses on discipling, training and mentoring Church Planting Movement leaders. John is involved with Dynamic Church Planting International, where he serves as the World Zone Leader for Southeast and South Pacific Asia. This ministry has a vision for equipping leaders to plant 5 million dynamic churches to reach the world for Christ. John networks and coordinates church planters throughout the Asia Pacific, and provides church planting training for thousands of leaders throughout the region.

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