#125: Seforosa Carroll – Addressing climate change & nurturing interfaith relationships – Podcast

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Seforosa Carroll – Addressing climate change & nurturing interfaith relationships

by Graham Hill | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast - Episode 125

Seforosa Carroll and Graham Hill discuss addressing climate change, nurturing interfaith relationships, dealing with gender-based violence, amplifying the voices of Oceanian female leaders and theologians, and reimagining home and our relationships with place and land. The Global Church Project podcast episode #125.

Seforosa is a Fiji born Rotuman. She is passionate about interfaith and cross-cultural relationships, and gender and culture. Having lived in Australia since 1987, Sef has always maintained connections with the Pacific, particularly Pacific Islanders living in the diaspora. This includes work with the Pacific Island Women’s Advocacy Services, and the South Pacific Association of Theological Schools, and the Association of Oceanian Women Theologians. Sef is keen to profile and elevate the voices of Pacific Islanders, and especially the voices of Pacific Island Women.

Dr. Seforosa Carroll has been accepted by the Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton, as a resident member of the 2017-2018 Research Team on the Inquiry on Religion and Migration led by the Center’s Senior Fellow Professor Peter Phan.

The working title of Sef’s research is Reimagining home: migration, identity and law in a changing climate. The research contributes a particular experience of bringing to bear Pacific Voices on the challenges and effects of climate change, the struggle to maintain the dignity of identity and culture in the context of disappearing islands, the complexities of international law in relation to climate induced migration and the wider theological, ethical and moral implications that are inherent therein.

Employing the theme or metaphor of home, Sef’s research seeks to analyse the critical role of theology and faith in reimagining home in a violently changing climate. Sef will be working together with a team of ten scholars of varying disciplines from across the world in Princeton on the broader multidisciplinary Inquiry on Religion and Migration.

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