#109: Kennedy Dhanabalan – Working toward a just, responsible, & compassionate society – Podcast

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Kennedy Dhanabalan – Working toward a just, responsible, & compassionate society

by Graham Hill | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast - Episode 109

Graham Hill and Kennedy Dhanabalan discuss what it means to work toward a just, responsible, & compassionate society. The Global Church Project podcast #109

Since 2010, Kennedy Dhanabalan has served as the Executive Director of “The Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief” (or EFICOR). EFICOR is a national Indian Christian organization engaged in Disaster Response, Development, and training since 1967.

Kennedy Dhanabalan has served among tribal communities, and has vast experience in community development, disaster management, and training various Christian leaders on Integral and Holistic Mission. Aside from leading EFICOR, Kennedy Dhanabalan serves on the pastoral team of “Living Faith Cornerstone Church” in New Delhi, India.

His vision is to see India’s poor experience economic, social, political, and spiritual flourishing and liberation.

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