A Doubter’s Guide to the Bible: A Review by Madison April Hill

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John Dickson’s book A Doubter’s Guide to Bible provides an analytical discussion of the structure of the Bible, highlighting the essential points for those eager to deepen their understanding. This book deals directly with the various questions that society raises about the Bible, making this book a valuable guide to interpreting the Bible.

John Dickson describes the purpose of this book: “This little book is an attempt to unpack the whole Bible or, perhaps more accurately, to give a sense of the whole biblical narrative and of the “theology” that emerges from it. More than that, I want to offer a snapshot of the worldview and lifestyles that the Bible inspires.”[1] “It is an attempt to explain to curious doubters what it might mean if the Bible turned out to be true.”[2]

In this book, John Dickson gives us a map for interpreting and reading the Bible, in an attempt to engage our minds and give us a clear understanding of what the Bible encompasses.

In A Doubter's Guide to the Bible, John Dickson gives us a map for reading the Bible Click To Tweet

The titles of his chapters such as “Why so much is bad” and “Justice for all” makes this book easily accessible for those asking important questions of Christianity. John Dickson answers questions like these throughout each chapter, while also providing a detailed yet straightforward description of the history surrounding the Bible. He allows reader’s questions to be answered or explained. He also gives us a chance to gain knowledge about the historical aspects of the Bible itself. He covers a large amount of the Bible in such a slim book, from the creation to where the New Testament picks up, and then to the re-creation.

John Dickson allows for questions, and invites us to use our minds when reading the Bible. For example, when it comes to the book of Genesis John writes: “What, then, are the main theological points of the Bible’s opening chapter (whether or not we also take the “six days” concretely)? In answering this, we must consider the beliefs of the cultures that surrounded the Bible’s original audience.”[3]

John Dickson allows for questions & skepticism, & invites us to use our minds Click To Tweet

This is a rewarding book for those looking to quench their thirst on the main themes of the Bible, the tough questions it encompasses, and the biblical history throughout. Explained in an uncomplicated and precise manner, it is excellent for both skeptics and believers.


Madison April Hill

Madison April Hill is a high school student who lives in Sydney, Australia.

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