#106: Ed Brown – Caring for Creation is a Gospel Issue – Podcast

Aug 15, 2018Creation Care, Podcast0 comments

Ed Brown - Creation Care is a Gospel Issue

by Graham Hill | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast - Episode 106

Ed Brown and Graham Hill discuss how caring for creation is a gospel issue. The Global Church Project podcast episode #106.

Edward R. Brown is the Director and CEO of Care of Creation, and also serves as Lausanne Catalyst for Creation Care for the Lausanne Movement. He directs the work of Care of Creation in the US, Kenya and Tanzania. As Creation Care Catalyst, he oversees the development of a global creation care network under the Lausanne Movement in partnership with the World Evangelical Alliance. His current project is the Lausanne Creation Care and the Gospel global campaign, a five-year effort to jumpstart creation care movements around the world. Ed has been involved in creation care for almost 20 years.

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