#97: Frank Paul – Vulnerable Mission – Podcast

Dec 29, 2017Podcast0 comments

Frank Paul – Vulnerable Mission

by Graham Hill | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast - Episode 97

Frank Paul and Graham Hill discuss vulnerable mission. The GlobalChurch Project podcast episode #97.

Frank Paul is part of an intentional Christian community of families in Germany (OJC – http://www.ojc.de), dedicated to Christ-centred life, to creativity, to hospitality and to social action. It is a Christian community that explores the coexistence of common life, spiritual reflection, rhythms of prayer, focus on Christ, and social action.

In his book “Mission without Conquest”, Frank Paul explores alternative missionary styles of walking alongside people, collaborating with God’s moving in their midst, giving priority to their own resources and language. Mission Without Conquest is a historical narrative of how the Toba Qom people of the Argentine Chaco followed Jesus’ way from the time of their conversion until the formation of a grassroots, indigenous church. And how this challenges the traditional concept of doing mission in any given context.

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