GlobalChurch nominated for IVP Readers’ Choice Award!

Nov 27, 2016Blog0 comments

Hi friends,

I’ve received news that my new book, GlobalChurch, is a finalist for a Readers’ Choice Award!

Thanks to all who voted in the first round and got it to this final stage

Would you consider taking 10 seconds now and voting for the book to win the award?

Here’s the link:

The book invites often unheard voices from around the world to enter into a powerful conversation about the shape of church and mission in the 21st century

Before long, two-thirds of all Christians will live in the Global South (Asia, Africa, and Latin America). Graham’s book asks, “What does this mean for church and mission today? And, what can Christians in the Global South teach us about worship, leadership, prayer, theology, discipleship, faith, and evangelism, and more?”

Please take 10 seconds to vote for my book.

Thanks so much!


Graham Hill

Dr Graham Hill is the Founding Director of The GlobalChurch Project – He’s the author of “GlobalChurch: Reshaping Our Conversations, Renewing Our Mission, Revitalizing Our Churches” (IVP, 2016), and 3 other books.

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