#152: Francisco Portillejo Hoyos – Supporting Humanitarian Organizations – Podcast

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Francisco Portillejo Hoyos – Supporting Humanitarian Organizations

by Graham Joseph Hill | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast - Episode 152

Francisco Portillejo Hoyos and Graham Joseph Hill discuss ways to support humanitarian organizations in their mission in the world. The Global Church Project podcast episode #152.

Francisco is the CEO of Tack & Gybe Associates and also of CRYPTALGO. His expertise is in capital markets, business strategy and development, and helping businesses and humanitarian organisations develop financial resources. His company has run successful experiments in Asia and Latin America, helping humanitarian organisations face and meet their financial, organisational, and strategic challenges.

In this interview we discuss such issues as:
1. What are the challenges facing humanitarian institutions on the financial front, today?
2. Are these the same challenges faced by the broader Christian NGO and non-profit sector, or different?
3. What are the other funding options that humanitarian organisations can initiative?
4. What key support and guidance do humanitarian orgs and non-profits need today (strategy, finance, marketing, compliance, etc.)?
5. Where else can humanitarian and other orgs go to get the support they need in these areas?

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