#06: John M. Perkins – Radical Love, Justice & Reconciliation – Podcast

Jul 18, 2016Podcast0 comments

#06: John M. Perkins - Radical Love, Justice & Reconciliation

by The GlobalChurch Project | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast Episode 06

John M. Perkins & Graham Hill discuss radical love, justice & reconciliation. The GlobalChurch Project podcast, episode 6.

John M. Perkins was born into Mississippi poverty. At 17 years old, he fled to California after his older brother was murdered by the town marshal. Although he vowed never to return, John M. Perkins returned in 1960, eager to share Christ. His outspoken support and leadership role in civil rights demonstrations resulted in repeated harassment, imprisonment, and beatings.

Today, John M. Perkins is president of John M. Perkins Foundation for Reconciliation and Development in Jackson, Mississippi. He is one of the leading evangelical voices to come out of the American civil rights movement. He’s an internationally known author, speaker, and teacher on issues of racial reconciliation and Christian community development.

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