#02: Julie C. Ma and Wonsuk Ma – Mission in the Spirit – Podcast

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Julie C. Ma and Wonsuk Ma – Mission in the Spirit

by The GlobalChurch Project | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast Episode 02

Julie C. Ma and Wonsuk Ma discuss mission in the Spirit (and global Pentecostalism), with Graham Hill. The GlobalChurch Project, Podcast Episode 2.

Wonsuk Ma is Executive Director of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies in the UK. He was formerly Vice President for Academic Affairs, Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (1996-2006), and Co-editor, Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies (1998-2006), and Editor, Journal of Asian Mission (1999-2001). Dr. Ma’s areas of specialist knowledge and interest lie in Old Testament Prophets, The Spirit of God in the Old Testament, the message of the Old Testament to the Modern Renewal Movement, Asian Pentecostalism, Korean Pentecostal Movement, and Pentecostal Mission.

Julie C. Ma is a research tutor at OCMS, and teaches in the following areas: Mission History, Contextualization, Cultural Anthropology, Biblical Theology in Mission, Perspective in World Mission, Pentecostal Evangelism and Church Planting, Woman Leadership and Animism.

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