#153: Leong Hap Choy – From prisoner to shepherd of the addicted and those in need – Podcast

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Leong Hap Choy – From prisoner to shepherd of the addicted and those in need

by Graham Joseph Hill | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast - Episode 153

Leong Hap Choy and Graham Joseph Hill discuss Hap Choy’s remarkable transformation from being a prisoner to a shepherd of the addicted and those in need. They also discuss their own experiences with addictions and what helped them get free. The Global Church Project episode #153.

Leong Hap Choy joined Malaysian Care more than 10 years ago, after being touched personally by Malaysian Care’s ministries. His story is a powerful witness to the transforming work of Jesus Christ, and to the remarkable work Malaysian Care does among prisoners, addicts, and vulnerable. Hap Choy now leads one of Malaysian care’s regional offices, as they provide 3 core services: (1) Addressing poverty and building a just and equitable society through “Rural & Urban Community Development”; (2) Serving among those in prison and suffering from addictions; and (3) caring for those with special needs. Malaysian Care is a non-profit Christian NGO established in Malaysia in 1979, committed to serving the poor and needy irrespective of religion and ethnicity. It focuses on empowering communities, aiming for long-term sustainable development, and seeking to be partners with the local church and the people they are serving.

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