#159: Rhiannon Lloyd – Healing the Nations: How Jesus offers forgiveness, repentance, healing, & peace after conflict & war – Podcast

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Rhiannon Lloyd – Healing the Nations: How Jesus offers forgiveness, repentance, healing, & peace after conflict & war

by Graham Joseph Hill | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast - Episode 159

Rhiannon Lloyd and Graham Joseph Hill discuss how Jesus offers forgiveness, repentance, healing, and peace after conflict and war. Jesus’s church can demonstrate redeemed ethnicity, radical reconciliation, and the new humanity in Christ (Rhiannon has spent the last 30 years leading healing, repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation initiatives in Africa and other parts of the world). The Global Church Project episode #159.

Dr. Rhiannon Lloyd, a former Doctor of Medicine and Psychiatry, has been in full time Christian work since 1985 ministering extensively in cross-cultural situations. She spent many years teaching courses for Christian workers and ministering to people with deep emotional wounds. Since 1994, she has pioneered a reconciliation ministry in Rwanda, working initially with African Enterprise. She has spoken to thousands of church leaders leading them to a place of healing at the cross and facilitating reconciliation between the ethnic groups. Healing and reconciliation teams have now been formed in many other countries. She lives in Wales, and her ministry is called “Healing the Nations”. For more information see www.healingthenations.co.uk

In the early 1990s, Rhiannon Lloyd felt God calling her out of her own experience of conflict and suffering to go to Rwanda to help in the work of peacemaking after the genocide. She left her home in tears, with great fear, and with feelings of inadequacy. But God used her faith and her willingness to surrender to him and go, and over the last 30 years she’s led thousands of churches and communities through peace and reconciliation workshops and processes in many of the most war-torn countries of the world. Never underestimate how God can use you when you surrender everything to him and follow his call.

In this interview, Rhiannon shares her insights into forgiveness, justice, repentance, peacemaking, and reconciliation, and into ways to bring healing and unity after serious conflicts and devastating wars and division.

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