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Here are over 165 podcasts with inspiring Christian leaders from all over the globe, on themes such as worship, discipleship, mission, faith, prayer, and much more. Each podcast is also presented as a video and offers college class and small group resources.

Graham Joseph Hill

#138: Hyun Mo (Tim) Lee – 오늘 아시아에서 복음의 빛을 비추십시오 – 팟 캐스트 (Shining the light of the gospel in Asia today)

이현모 (Tim Lee) 교수와 그레이엄 힐 (Graham Hill) 교수는 오늘날 아시아에서 예수 그리스도의 복음의 빛을 비추는 것에 관해 이야기합니다. 세계 교회 프로젝트 팟 캐스트 에피소드 # 138. 이 박사와 힐 박사는 아시아에서 예수 그리스도의 복음을 나누는 데 관련된 다양한 주제에 관해 토론합니다. 여기에는 다음이 포함됩니다. 1. 세계에서 가장 복음화되지 않은 대륙 인 아시아에서 예수님을 섬기십시오. 2. 서구 선교의 승리와 서구 문화의 식민주의에서 아시아의...

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#97: Frank Paul – Vulnerable Mission – Podcast

Frank Paul and Graham Hill discuss vulnerable mission. The GlobalChurch Project podcast episode #97. Frank Paul is part of an intentional Christian community of families in Germany (OJC - http://www.ojc.de), dedicated to Christ-centred life, to creativity, to...

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#60: Mitri Raheb – We are Palestinian Christians – Podcast

Mitri Raheb and Graham Hill discuss Palestinian Christianity, faith, and theology. The GlobalChurch Project, podcast episode #60. This podcast (and its associated video) was made possible through the generous sponsorship of The Refuge – Oran Park Baptist Church. Mitri...

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#58: Ajith Fernando – Jesus Driven Ministry – Podcast

Ajith Fernando and Graham Hill discuss Jesus-driven ministry, reclaiming friendship, and sharing the truth in love. The GlobalChurch Project, podcast episode #58. Ajith Fernando is an inspiring spiritual leader, who has spent his life serving among some of the most...

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#20: Joshva Raja – Developing a Theology of Media – Podcast

Joshva Raja and Graham Hill discuss developing a positive theology of (and approach to) media. The GlobalChurch Project, Podcast Episode 20. Joshva Raja is ordained in the Church of South India from the Tirunelveli Diocese. He has served for many years among the urban...

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#09: Tim Costello – Embracing God’s Justice – Podcast

Graham Hill & Tim Costello discuss embracing God’s justice. The GlobalChurch Project, podcast episode 9. Tim Costello is recognised as one of Australia’s leading voices on social justice issues, having spearheaded public debates on gambling, urban poverty,...

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#01: Miroslav Volf – Exclusion and Embrace – Podcast

Miroslav Volf and Graham Hill discuss the topics of exclusion and embrace, expressing a public faith, and Muslim-Christian relations. How do we overcome hatred & conflict & indifference, & embrace the “other”? The GlobalChurch Project, Podcast Episode 1....

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