#132: Victor Rembeth – Humanitarian and interfaith cooperation witnesses to the love of Jesus Christ – Podcast

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Victor Rembeth – Humanitarian and interfaith cooperation witnesses to the love of Jesus Christ

by Graham Hill | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast - Episode 132

Victor Rembeth and Graham Hill talk about humanitarian and interfaith cooperation and how it witnesses to the love of Jesus Christ. The Global Church Project podcast episode #132.

Victor Rembeth has been involved in humanitarian and disaster work for the last ten years, most of which served in senior management positions. His experience is varied and includes working with civil society organisations, NGOs, the UN, private sector and supporting the Government of Indonesia. Victor Rembeth has served in a wide range of role in Indonesia, including the Indonesia Academy Centre Director of the Humanitarian Leadership Academy. He previously worked with the World Economic Forum of Indonesia network of Disaster Resource Partnership, a private sector initiative focusing on disaster management. Prior to that, he served as Project Manager of the United Nations Joint Strategic Program for Disaster Risk Reduction, and also with NGOs serving in tsunami affected areas.

Three consecutives major disasters have recently affected Indonesia: The tsunami in 2004, the earthquake in 2005, and the earthquake in 2006. These have been wake-up calls and eye openers for Indonesia, and how it prevents and responds to natural disasters. Victor tries to help Christians, and churches, and Christian Aid agencies respond well to natural and other disasters. He seeks to help Christians work with Muslims and other religious groups as we strive together for a peaceful world, and as we seek to respond to disasters and needs in the Asia Pacific region.

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