Resources for Colleges and Universities

Let your students learn from the successes of churches and Christian leaders from all over the world. The Church, and its role, is changing rapidly. Although the traditional church is declining in the West, it’s experiencing explosive growth almost everywhere else.

Give your students insight into World Christianity and multicultural ministry, and let them hear diverse, multiethnic, and “glocal” voices, all with a unique perspective on how to be a Christian leader in a multicultural world.


Graham offers expert consulting for educational institutions. He tailors each consulting program to meet your organisation’s unique requirements. The consulting could include:

  • Revitalising your curriculum
  • Strategic development
  • Developing missional and multicultural curriculum and training programs
  • Leading college revitalisation and change

Developing leaders and teams.

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Looking for an inspirational teacher or speaker?

Graham Hill is available to speak and teach at your college or university on a range of topics. Graham will open your students’ minds to whole new perspectives on global Christianity. Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Inspiring innovation and creativity
  • How to lead change and transformation
  • Christian leadership
  • Insights into cultivating missional and multicultural churches

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Videos with classroom study guides

Give your students access to video interviews with Christian leaders from all over the world.

Show them new perspectives from male and female, young and experienced leaders who are building innovative, missional, and multiethnic churches.

We have filmed video interviews with multicultural, minority, Indigenous, and Majority World leaders.

Each interview comes with a study guide ideal for tertiary classes.

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Class texts for Colleges and Universities

Graham Hill has published several titles on World Christianity, Christian leadership, ministry innovation, and missional practices.

Purchase bulk copies, or direct your students to buy the books directly from our websites.

Graham’s books are ideal class texts:

  • Globalchurch: Reshaping our conversations, renewing our mission, revitalizing our churches
  • Salt, light, and a city: Introducing missional ecclesiology
  • Signs of hope in the city: Renewing urban mission, embracing radical hope
  • Servantship: Sixteen servants on the four movements of radical servantship

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