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Graham Joseph Hill, Ph.D.

Director of “Professional Supervision Australia”

Graham has spent 30 years in the educational, corporate, and not-for-profit sectors, including roles such as associate professor, pastor, CEO, college principal, spiritual mentor, leadership consultant, and professional supervisor. Graham has supervised, mentored, and coached hundreds of individuals and teams toward ministry success. He specializes in professional supervision and is currently completing a Graduate Certificate in Professional Supervision through the University of Divinity, Australia (graduating March 2023). Graham guides toward spiritual depth and integrity, emotionally intelligent leadership, change management processes, strategy, spiritual growth, and values-driven leadership. Graham is a former Associate Professor at the University of Divinity, an experienced CEO and former college Principal, and a trained Professional Supervisor.

Rev Dr Graham Joseph Hill is the Director of Professional Supervision Australia, ABN: 62785442254

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Professional supervision is a “relationship between two or more disciples who meet to consider the ministry of one or more of them in an intentional and disciplined way. Such an arrangement allows each person being supervised to give an account of their work, to explore their responses, review their aims and develop their strategies and skills” (Leach and Patterson, 2015. Pastoral Supervision. p.1).

Professional supervision has been defined as the following:

• regular, structured, and intentional conversations between supervisor and supervisee

• focused on work and practice

• paying attention to the supervisee’s current context

• within the framework of a shared theological, spiritual, ethical, and legal understanding

• paying attention to issues of fitness to practice, skill development, management of boundaries, professional identity, and the impact of work upon all concerned parties including the individuals and communities the supervisee serves and leads. (Australian Baptist National Baptist Supervision Framework, 2021).

We “enter into an intentional relationship to reflect on our ministry practice, so that we are able to draw out and discover what God is calling us to do and be” (Professional Supervision: A Guide for Clergy and Lay Ministers, p.8).

How does professional supervision work?

A typically professional supervision session runs for up to 90 minutes. Sessions may be face-to-face, on Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime, or a mixture. Dr. Graham Joseph Hill can offer professional supervision no matter where you are in the world!

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Endorsements for Graham’s Professional Supervision, Mentoring, and Coaching

“Graham became my mentor when I held two significant roles with little support. Graham’s profound insights into human nature, sensitivity to Asian and immigrant cultures, and understanding of healthy ministry operations – paired with gentleness, faith, and maturity – have strengthened my leadership and given me the support needed during hard times.

Jessica Collins
Associate Pastor, Epping Church of Christ
Steward, Online Bible College

“I recommend Graham to anyone looking for a coach, supervisor, or mentor. Graham can listen to the said and unsaid, challenge where needed, and ask the appropriate questions. Additionally, his experience in ministry and leadership, combined with his strong yet gentle demeanour, makes his supervision, mentoring, and coaching enriching and purposeful. My time with Graham has always been incredibly beneficial.”

Mako Van Der Moezel
Senior Pastor, Broome Baptist Church

“Leadership can be lonely, so finding people who can help you as a leader is critical. I have found Graham to be a fantastic listener. When I am ready to listen, he can prompt, guide, or change my thinking by delving into his own experiences and those of others he has coached and studied. Best of all, though, is the gracious heart and sense of joy Graham conveys as he quietly considers and reacts to whatever complex matters I am navigating. I leave every session uplifted and renewed.”

Shayne Evans
CEO, Stanton Dahl Architects

“Graham is a very experienced pastor, academic, and leader. Someone of this calibre can easily come with a top-down attitude. But Graham is approachable, wise, and very socially and culturally aware. I greatly value his guidance, which has led to a more contemplative and joy-filled walk with Jesus.”

Grace Lung
Pastoral Worker, Rise Alliance Church
Founder, Asians Between Cultures

“What I appreciated from Graham’s mentoring was his honesty. He was always happy to honestly share his ministry experiences – the good, the bad, and the ugly – and what he had learned from these times. It made my ministry feel ‘normal’, and Graham’s advice, born from experience, was invaluable as I navigated my own story. I highly recommend Graham’s expertise.”

Matt Cairns
Auxiliary Lieutenant, Corps Officer, The Salvation Army Rockdale

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4 sessions per year

$480 AUD per year (first session free)

6 sessions per year

$720 AUD per year (first session free)

8 sessions per year

$960 AUD per year (first session free)

12 sessions per year

$1,440 AUD per year (first session free)

Note: Sessions above and beyond the package are $120 each, plus travel expenses. All prices are in Australian dollars.



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