#139: Steve Scott – Art, mystery, and mission in the globally connected world – Podcast

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Steve Scott – Art, mystery, and mission in the globally connected world

by Graham Hill | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast - Episode 139

Steve Scott and Graham Hill talks about art, mystery, and mission in the globally connected world, and how the church can honor, enjoy, and express faith through the creative arts. The Global Church Project podcast episode #139. On https://www.theglobalchurchproject.com

This world is globally connected, but also increasingly disruptive. Creativity and innovative thinking are vital to the wellbeing, mission, growth, and flourishing of the church. But what about art, beauty, and mystery? Where do they fit in the conversation? How do art, beauty, and mystery help renew local churches, restore our worship, and enhance our mission? How can we reimagine the place of beauty and the creative arts for Christian ministry? In this interview, Steve Scott helps us explore these important questions.

Steve Scott is a British (US-based) poet, musician and artist. He is an international leader in missional thinking in the Christian arts scene, influencing, advising and recording diverse artists from around the world. An MA in Global Leadership (Fuller) Steve has a focus on how Johns Gospel informs the Gospel and culture conversation. See http://canaorg.net/

“Steve Scott is a rare individual who combines a deep love and understanding of Scripture with a passion for the arts.” – Steve Turner, author of The Gospel According to the Beatles.

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