Alvin Tunstill, Jr. | Shaping thriving local African-American churches

Oct 12, 2017

Alvin Tunstill, Jr. and Graham Hill discuss how pastors and leaders shape thriving local African-American churches.

Alvin Tunstill Jr. is the pastor of Trinity Baptist Church of Los Angeles. Trinity Baptist Church is African American in its approach to ministry and mission. This means that members have a high regard for whom God has created them to be. They are proud of the rich heritage of African Americans. And they are informed by the realities of the world in which they live and the word God has for this church among a long-disallowed people.

Alvin Tunstill Jr. has spent decades helping Trinity Baptist Church and its members be Christ-centered and spirit-filled; joyful and celebratory in worship; Bible-based and biblically-literate; prayerful; affirmed and intensively involved in evangelism; carers and sharers; politically aware and socially active; and courageously proactive.

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