Healing Our Broken Humanity | A Seven-Session Film Series on Race, Justice, and Reconciliation

Sep 17, 2017 |

This series of films with John M. Perkins, Soong-Chan Rah, Ray Minniecon, Randy Woodley, Emmanuel Katongole, Amal Nassar, and Carol Kingston-Smith is on race, justice, and reconciliation.

We are living in conflicted times. We see so much injustice, inequality, division, racism, and fear. We want to see change and see justice restored. We want to make a difference. But how do we do this? Jesus calls us to be a peacemaking and reconciling people. We need fresh Christian practices that help us bring healing and hope to a broken and unjust world.

In this seven-session film series, these outstanding thinkers guide us through a vision of peace and reconciliation, and practices that transforms the world. Each of the seven films comes with small group study guides, to help your church and small group wrestles with issues and apply the insights. You can also listen to them as podcasts.


  • SESSION ONE // John M. Perkins – Radical Love, Justice, and Reconciliation – Click HERE
  • SESSION TWO // Soong-Chan Rah – Freeing the Church from White, Western Cultural Captivity Click HERE
  • SESSION THREE // Ray Minniecon – Being Authentically Indigenous and Authentically Christian – Click HERE
  • SESSION FOUR // Randy Woodley – Embracing Ethnic Diversity and Learning from Indigenous Communities – Click HERE
  • SESSION FIVE // Emmanuel Katongole – Pursing Lament, Hope, Reconciliation, and Forgiveness – Click HERE
  • SESSION SIX // Amal Nassar – Reconciliation, Peacemaking, and Building Bridges Between People – Click HERE
  • SESSION SEVEN // Carol Kingston-Smith – Pursuing Justice, Advocacy, and Reconciliation – Click HERE   


See the trailer to this film series below this text.

God has called his church to be a new humanity: a people who witness to God’s welcome and embrace, through their peace-making, nonviolence, love, hospitality, and ministry of reconciliation.

Graham Hill


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