Darrell Jackson | Mission shaped by love of God and neighbour, and by life renewed by the Holy Spirit

Nov 11, 2018

Darrell Jackson and Graham Hill talk about mission shaped by love of God and neighbour, and by life renewed by the Holy Spirit.

In addition to talking about what mission looks like when it is shaped by love of God and love of neighbour, and by life renewed and empowered by the Holy Spirit, Darrell and Graham also discuss these topics: (1) A biblical theology of mission. (2) Rejecting the secularisation of mission. (3) Developing holistic mission, including combining social justice and evangelism. (4) The missional challenges facing the global church, and the church in the West. (5) What global movements of people mean for the church and mission today. (6) Developing poly-centric, dispersed, and poly-phonic (multi-voiced) mission. (7) Highly relational and intentional approaches to interreligious and multiethnic settings. (8) The challenge of nationalism and the hope of solidarity for faith and mission. (9) Creation care as mission. (10) Confidence, humility, and mission as gift received and given. (11) Combining Spirit and mission. (12) Developing cultural intelligence and skills for mission today.

Darrell grew up on the Isle of Man. He has thirty years of ministry experience in pastoral, denominational, cross-cultural, and educational settings. He worked in Hungary, and around Europe, and has mission experience in China, Ireland, the Czech Republic, and Zimbabwe.

He is the Secretary of the Australian Association of Mission Studies, a Mission Commission Associate of the WEA, a member of the International Association of Mission Studies, serves on the Executive of the Lausanne International Researchers’ Network, is a member of the Editorial Board of Lausanne Global Analysis, a member of the National Leadership Team for Missions Interlink in Australia, and is a missiological consultant to Global Interaction (the Australian Baptist Mission Agency).

Darrell is a global leader in the study of missions in Europe and Asia, and in diaspora missiology. He is married to Beth Johnson Jackson, who pastors a local church in Sydney, Australia.

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