La Verne Tolbert | Teaching Like Jesus and Renewing Christian Education in the Church

Oct 27, 2017 |

La Verne Tolbert and Graham Hill discuss “Teaching Like Jesus & Renewing Christian Education in the Church.”

La Verne Tolbert says that “A church without children is a dying church.” Dr Tolbert is President of Teaching Like Jesus Ministries, a non-profit ministry that equips leaders in the local church. Author of “Teaching Like Jesus: A Practical Guide to Christian Education in Your Church”, Dr. Tolbert’s passion is to bring seminary-quality interactive workshops to practitioners who work with children, teens, and adults. Her book has been hailed by Dr. Lawrence Richards as the “best book on Christian education in 20 years!” It’s a favorite in Christian colleges and seminaries throughout the United States.

Downloadable PDF Discussion Guide

Here is a downloadable PDF discussion guide. Use alongside the video or podcast. This resource is designed to help your small group and classroom discussions.

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