Madezha Cépeda | Honoring and Including People with Disabilities

Dec 18, 20160 comments

Madezha Cépeda holds a masters degree in inclusion and disability from Salamanca University. She is an educator, mother, wife, and disability rights activist. As a blind Peruvian woman, Madezha seeks to bring greater awareness and equity and inclusion for disabled people in church and society.

Madezha Cépeda founded an association of women with all kinds of disabilities called MUSAS – Women Who Inspire Change. MUSAS is recognized by governments, churches, and civil society for their successful advocacy on the rights of people with disabilities. They address discrimination, violence, poverty and lack of employment opportunities.

Madezha Cépeda lives in Lima, Peru, and holds an education degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, and a masters degree in inclusion and disability from Salamanca University. Gaining these academic achievements hasn’t been easy, in a Latin American culture that offers few accommodations for those with disabilities.

Madezha Cépeda unpacks the ways in which the church excludes people with disabilities, both consciously and unconsciously. She shows how Christians can better practice inclusion, and gain the contribution of all people, regardless of gender or disability.

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