Norberto Saracco | How the Spirit Creates Visible Unity in the Church

Feb 4, 20170 comments

Recent political and social events have exposed much misunderstanding and disunity in the church. It’s ok to differ, and even engage in vigorous debate—but disunity and division is another thing. In this interview, Norberto Saracco and Graham Hill discuss how the Spirit creates visible unity in the church.
Norberto Saracco has been instrumental in encouraging unity across churches and denominations in Latin America, and he’s convinced that only the Spirit can create visible unity in the church. In the midst of the fear and repression and death that accompanied the Argentinian military coup of 1976—including the death of between 10,000 and 30,000 people—Norberto Sirocco helped steer the Argentinian and Latin American churches toward unity and healing and mission. He was instrumental in shaping unified theological education and pastoral training in Argentina—the only kind of ministry training that would work in a country under military and political repression. From 76 pastors taking courses over weekends in 1978, a decade later an average of 1800 students were registering every year.

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