Paul Rattray | Sacrificial Succession and Releasing Pioneering Christian Leaders

Apr 17, 2018

Paul Rattray and Graham Hill discuss “Sacrificial Succession and Releasing Pioneering Christian Leaders.”

Paul is dedicated to raising a generation of pioneering leaders all over the globe. He offers a compelling, biblical challenge to pursue sacrifical succession as a way to equip and release thousands of pioneering Christian leaders globally.

Paul says, “Sacrificial succession is similar in principle to other biblical mandates such as taking up your cross, dying to self and being a living sacrifice. In honour of Jesus perfectly living out these truths we endeavour to do the same, albeit imperfectly, by the power of his Holy Spirit…. For me, sacrificial succession powerfully demonstrates what the most unlikely of successors (like me!) can become—sacrificial successors—through the forgiveness of Christ’s sacrificial death, resurrection and indwelling Holy Spirit. Even more encouraging, is that Peter and Paul lived up, albeit imperfectly, to Christ’s successional terms. The fact that they lived out a ministry of sacrificial service to others and willingly sacrificed their leadership for their successors powerfully confirms this truth. The mutual love, loyalty and friendship inspired by predecessor sacrificing leadership for successor, is second to none.” (Paul Rattray, “Sacrificial Succession: A Biblical Solution to Transition Crisis”, pp.34-35).

Paul is the “Impact-a-Nation” Manager for Christian Vision Asia Pacific. Christian Vision is a global Christian ministry with a strategic goal to reach a billion people with the Gospel. Their “Impact-a-Nation” projects equip the church with evangelism and discipleship strategies. They work with partners to resource and encourage the church in its presence and growth in local communities. Aside from serving with Christian Vision in the Asia Pacific, Paul Rattray also oversees leadership development and training programs in evangelism and discipleship across the globe. He has a huge heart for reaching people for Christ, is fluent in Indonesian, and is passionate about providing people of many cultures with the opportunity to follow Jesus.

Paul is involved in The National Pioneers Iinitiative (NPI). The NPI is a biblical model for large-scale pioneering missionary enterprise. The NPI functions within a framework of spiritual principles, effective management systems, and partnership support that enables effective, large-scale pioneering mission activities. Paul is pleased to provide an outline of the fundamental principles of the NPI, to those who are interested in impacting nations for Christ. His prayer is that it inspires you toward greater effectiveness in your mission work. Contact Paul at

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