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Here are over 140 videos with outstanding Christian leaders from all over the world, on themes such as discipleship, witness, prayer, and much more. Each video is also presented as a podcast, and offers college class and small group resources.

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Graham Joseph Hill


1st Film Series: "Healing Our Broken Humanity" (7-Session Series)
2nd Film Series: "12 Women on Changing the World" (12-Session Series)
Ai Nohara Tetseo
Ajith Fernando
Al Tizon
Alan Hirsch
Alexander Chow
Ali Abu Awwad
Alvin Tunstill Jr.
Amal Nassar
Amos Yong
Amy Williams
Andrew Duncan
Angelo Gratsounas
Areej Masoud
Ash Barker
Barbara M. Leung Lai
Bonny Resu
Bradley Noel
Brooke Prentis
Bruxy Cavey
C. René Padilla
Carol Kingston-Smith
Center for the Study of Global Christianity
Charles Ringma
Charlie Abou Saada
Cory Ishida
Craig Stewart
Daniel Bourdanné
Daniel Jeyaraj
Daniel L. Wong
Darrell Jackson
Dave Bookless
David Ro
David W. Congdon
Donald Goertz
Ed Brown
Elias Chacour
Elisa Padilla
Elisabeth Sophia Lee
Emil Jonathan “Jon” Soriano
Emmanuel Katongole
F. Douglas Powe Jr.
Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta
Fernando R. Carvalho
Fernando Segovia
Franco Ferrer
Frank D. Macchia
Frank Paul
Gary Nelson
George Wieland
German Galvez
Grace Ji-Sun Kim
Graham Joseph Hill
Greg Lake
Harvey Kwiyani
Hyun Mo (Tim) Lee
J. Dudley Woodberry
Jack Sara
James Bartle
James Bhagwan
James Bryan Smith
Janice Nguyen
Jayakumar Christian
Jim Oehrig
Jo Saxton
Joel Edwards
Johannes Reimer
John Bond
John M. Perkins
Joseph Nyamutera
Joshua Bogunjoko
Joshva Raja
Jossy Chacko
Julie C. Ma
Karina Kreminski
Ken Kamau
Ken Tang-Quan
Kennedy Dhanabalan
Kevin Doi
La Verne Tolbert
Lamin Sanneh
Lisa Rodriguez-Watson
M. L. Daneel
Madezha Cépeda
Mahendra Bhattarai
Mandy Marshall
Marc Rader
María Elena Mamarian
Mark Galpin
Mary Alice Trent
Melba Padilla Maggay
Michael Frost
Michael Goheen
Michael Krause
Miroslav Volf
Mitri Raheb
Munib Younan
Ngwedla Paul Msiza
Noel Castellanos
Norberto Saracco
Omar Djoeandy
Oscar García-Johnson
P Bonny Resu
Pablo Martinez
Paul Cook
Paul Msiza
Paul Rattray
Perry Shaw
Peter C. Phan
Peter Dickens
Peter Kuzmic
Peter Seeberger
Purevdorj ‘Puje’ Jamsran
Quang Nguyen
Randy Woodley
Ravi Jayakaran
Ray Minniecon
René August
Robert Cousins
Rosalee Velloso Ewell
Ruth Padilla DeBorst
Sam Marullo
Sami Awad
Samuel Chetti
Sebastian Kim
Seforosa Carroll
Shaul Judelman
Siu Fung Wu
Soong-Chan Rah
Stephen Owino
Steve Bartlett
Steve Chong
Steve Scott
Terry Casiño
Terry LeBlanc
Thir Bahadur Koirala
Tim Costello
Tim Lee
Tite Tiénou
Tracy Trinita
Vee Tetseo
Victor Rembeth
Vítor Westhelle
Viv Grice
William Ouma
William Thurmond
Wong Young Soon
Wonsuk Ma
Xiaoli Yang
Xiyi (Kevin) Yao



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