#149: Christopher J. H. Wright – The Mission of God & the Mission of God’s People – Podcast

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Christopher J. H. Wright – The Mission of God & the Mission of God's People

by Graham Joseph Hill | The GlobalChurch Project Podcast - Episode 150

Christopher J. H. Wright and Graham Joseph Hill talk about the mission of God and the mission of God’s people. The Global Church Project episode #150. 

Christopher Wright was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the son of missionary parents, and nurtured as an Irish Presbyterian. After completing a doctorate in Old Testament economic ethics in Cambridge, he was ordained in the Anglican Church of England in 1977 and served as an assistant pastor in the Parish Church of St. Peter & St. Paul, in Kent.

In 1983 he took his family to India and taught at the Union Biblical Seminary (UBS), Pune for five years as a mission partner with Crosslinks (formerly BCMS). While at UBS he taught a variety of Old Testament courses at BD and MTh levels. In 1988 he returned to the UK as Academic Dean at All Nations Christian College (an international training centre for cross-cultural mission). Then he was appointed Principal there in September 1993.

In September 2001 he was appointed International Director of the Langham Partnership International. This is a group of ministries originally founded by John Stott, committed to the strengthening of the church in the Majority World through fostering leadership development, biblical preaching, literature and doctoral scholarships. He is the author of acclaimed books in theology and mission.

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