An apology to victims of domestic violence in the church

Jul 23, 2017 | Blog | 0 comments

I’m sorry for the way many Christian men have treated women in the name of faith.

I’m sorry for the way these men have twisted Scripture and faith, and used these as justification to hurt and control women and families.

I’m sorry that many Christian leaders haven’t confronted these behaviors and the beliefs that are at the root of this violence.

I’m sorry that many of us have turned a blind eye to domestic violence in our midst, or sought to excuse such violence (and our own responsibility for this suffering) when someone shines a light on it.

I’m sorry that many of us have tried to explain away our actions, and been defensive, and made excuses.

I’m sorry and sad that we Christian leaders have sometimes behaved in ways that have made your suffering and shame worse.

I’m sorry for the way we’ve often failed to listened to your experiences, as women.

I know that apologies are only as good as the actions that follow.

I will do everything I can to listen to women and children and their experiences, and to uphold their safety, rights, and value, and to challenge the church and other men to do the same.


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